The platform for construction insurers

A digital record for any construction project allowing for near-real time reporting on progress, expenditure, health and safety incidents, claims and carbon footprint; allowing unparalleled clarity, efficiency and reporting for your portfolio.

The Future

The only platform to aggregate data from many sources into one place, allowing access to vital information about your projects in any situation or environment.

Intelligence through data

Actionable insights presented for the first time on one platform, removing legacy restraints on data capture and presentation.

Maximise the potential from the Golden Thread legislation.
Prepare for and take advantage of the digitalisation of the built environment.

As data capture and presentation advances, in many cases across numerous platforms, RRM provides a single source of truth to maximise the efficiencies of near real time data.

RRM Collects and reports on
  • Progress
  • Budget
  • Claims
  • Health and safety incidents
  • Progress and survey reports
  • Photographs
  • Carbon footprint
  • Risk Rating

Benefits for:

  • Maximise the value of data for the benefit of insurance
  • Frictionless data collection from existing project management platforms
  • Straightforward and streamlined alternative reporting function
  • Replace progress reporting for the owner/developer
  • Reduced premium
  • Faster claims notification and settlement
  • Portfolio view
  • Portfolio Carbon reporting

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