What is RRM?

RRM collects and reports on risk data from construction projects, seamlessly.

RRM allows relevant parties to write, publish and track progress reports and third-party risk engineering reports.

Insured parties have access to check insurance details, coverage, and policy wording. It also allows for a fast and detailed claim reporting function which in turn notifies insurers and brokers of the claim allowing for faster assistance for the insured, earlier identification of causation and ultimately faster settlement.

RRM provides a dashboard view across multiple projects, accurately reflecting the performance of the current portfolio. RRM facilitates insurers and brokers reporting needs across their portfolio and maximises efficiencies by with automated notifications when action is required.

Why is RRM needed?

The digitalisation of the built environment, coupled with the forthcoming Golden Thread legislation, means that insurers, brokers, contractors, owners/developers and lenders need one single platform that maximises the benefits of the available data for insurance and risk management across their construction project or portfolio.

Who are RRM?

Philip Callow, Founder and CEO.

After a 20-year career as both a construction broker and underwriter, Philip started exploring how construction technology and the digitalisation of the built environment could be used to improve not just underwriting processes and reporting but also individual risk and portfolio management.

Realising that current and future technology, alongside regulation and legislation, would have a profound effect on risk and risk transfer; he saw that there was no single, cross-party platform that could deliver data in a way that would provide actionable insights and maximum benefit to all parties across construction insurance, whilst doing so in a frictionless manner.

The foundations for RRM were set in late 2021.

Want to know more?

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