Rosetta Risk Management (RRM) secures investment from Howden Ventures to support transition to MGA

London, 07 December 2023 – Rosetta Risk Management (RRM), today announces that it has secured investment from Howden Ventures that will accelerate its transition to a fully tech-enabled construction insurance MGA. Currently a SaaS platform, RRM will aggregate construction risk performance data, enriching the insights necessary to drive a more...

Rosetta Risk Management partnership to provide enhanced risk management solutions for construction

Rosetta Risk Management has announced a strategic partnership with Construction Carbon to provide enhanced risk management solutions for the construction industry The construction industry faces increased scrutiny from stakeholders, including insurers, regulators, investors and the public, on its carbon footprint and environmental impact. As the industry embraces sustainable practices and...

How can data reduce construction project insurance premiums?

Asite and Rosetta Risk Management announce collaboration to unlock the value of data in reducing construction project insurance premiums and facilitating faster claim payments. Rosetta Risk Management (RRM) aggregates risk performance data to benefit construction project insurance. Asite’s project portfolio management software links with RRM via API to increase data availability frictionlessly, allowing...

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