Construction performance data for insurance

RRM is a SaaS platform that aggregates construction risk performance data for insurers, brokers, contractors, developers and lenders.

Loss ratios improve three to five points

“…leading insurers can see loss ratios improve three to five points, new business premiums increase 10 to 15 percent, and retention in profitable segments jump 5 to 10 percent, thanks to digitized underwriting.”
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This is revolutionary, not evolutionary

“This is revolutionary, not evolutionary. The ideas, concepts, and the potential deliverables represent perhaps the most exciting and significant improvement in the Engineering Insurance industry in its nearly century-old existence.”

Former Global Head of Construction - AIG

Seamless collaboration

RRM seamlessly collates, translates and presents risk performance data in a single platform delivering clarity on a project by project basis or for your portfolio.

Welcome to the future of underwriting

We’re leading the way in maximising the value from the digitalisation of the built environment to unlock unprecedented capabilities across the insurance industry.

Better Decision Making

Dramatically increases awareness, transparency and predictability of a portfolio by unifying risk data from project management platforms into one space. Make better decisions with accurate data and significantly improve risk transfer.

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